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Happy Owners

Karen Salway, Yorkshire

Bruce rehomed from Dogs Trust Darlington
Karen Salway, Yorkshire

" I could not ask for a better service than the one which you offer. Bruce had been missing about 25 minutes and I was really worried. I had searched the local area when your call came through with information that he had been found and you gave me the contact number of the person who had found him. I rang the person and was given exact directions where Bruce was (only 200 meters away). We were reunited within 5 minutes. I can’t thank Pet 24 enough for a super service. "

Paul Morgan, Peterborough

Lola rehomed from Wood Green Animal Shelters, Heydon
Karen Salway, Yorkshire

" Lola went missing in the severe cold weather that we were having, we kept going out and shaking her food box to try and encourage her to come home. When that didn't work we took to the surrounding area looking for her and to be honest as time went by we feared the worst, due to how cold it was, how young she was and the fact she'd been missing some 30 hours.

Later that day we were phoned to say she'd been found. Your service definitely works and I recommend you. Incidentally the lady who found Lola would have kept her as a stray even though she was wearing a collar if there hadn't been a phone number to call. Considering how worried we were and how quickly we were reunited, your small fee is well worth every penny. "

Dee Clarke, Worcestershire

Paddy rehomed from Dogs Trust Evesham
Karen Salway, Yorkshire

" I realised Paddy was missing when we were out in the garden; he found a gap in the gate. I think he was missing for about 20 minutes as he hadn’t got far but one of my neighbours saw him wandering up to the end of the road.

Your service was excellent and prompt and I am very grateful. Thank you. "

Vivien Constable, Hertfordshire

Pip rehomed from Wood Green Animal Shelters, Godmanchester
Karen Salway, Yorkshire

" We went on our normal walk across the fields near our house, and Pip spotted several hares so could not resist chasing them!  Usually she comes back to us after a while, but this time we lost sight of her completely, and despite waiting around and walking round the fields we could not see her."

I stayed in the fields whilst Peter, my husband, walked home to get another lead. By the time he was walking back to meet me, our daughter Jo had phoned to let us know you had contacted her.

I have added my mobile and my husband's to the list of contacts on our site, so that next time (although I hope there won’t be a next time!) you can try our numbers as well as our daughter's.

It was reassuring to know that if she goes missing there is someone who can help reunite her.  We have her chipped but the tag is more convenient for people to use. "

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