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Pet 24 is the UK's No 1 Visible Pet ID Service
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About Us

Pet 24

Pet 24 has an unmatched record in providing the best visible pet identification in the UK.

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We care for cats and dogs that have been rehomed by Dogs Trust, RSPCA and Battersea

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Pet 24 returns straying pets to their owners on behalf of Agria, Petplan and Kennel Club Pet Insurance.

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We provide a 24-hour national pet reunification service for Pets at Home, available in more than 400 stores.

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How it Works

  • 1. Register

    Register your contact details on the Pet 24 website; including phone numbers for home, mobile, work and family.

  • 2. Engrave Tag Online

    Choose contact details of your own to be engraved on your special tag beneath your unique Pet 24 ID number.

  • 3. Attach Tag To Collar

    Place the Pet 24 tag with its 24/7 emergency telephone number on your pet's collar as soon as it arrives in the post.

  • 4. Pet Goes Missing

    Sadly someone's beloved cat or dog goes missing in the UK every 90 seconds.

  • 5. Pet 24 Responding 24/7

    We are here to help 24 hours a day when your pet has been found.

  • 6. Ongoing Care

    If we cannot contact you immediately, we help the finder care for your pet.

  • 7. Vet 24

    If emergency veterinary treatment is needed, we will organise and pay for it without delay.

  • 8. We Keep Trying

    We ring you on all available numbers until you are reunited with your pet.

  • Another

Vet 24 pays up to £1000 in emergency vet fees

There have been many instances when vets have been unable to confirm that insurance cover is in place when a pet has been brought to a surgery in an emergency. This has resulted in unnecessary delays in providing essential veterinary treatment.

If, as often happens, pets stray and are found injured, Pet 24 will pay up to £1000 directly to the vet for emergency treatment so that there is absolutely no delay in providing vital care.

You will never need to repay Pet 24 when we have paid the vet’s bills, and it is not necessary to have pet insurance in place to benefit from this service. Pet 24 does, of course, recommend that all pets are insured.

This fantastic service has been developed in consultation with vets, animal welfare charities and insurance companies. It will give you real peace of mind, and it could save your pet’s life!

Vet 24 is included when you order or renew your Pet 24 membership.

Happy Owners

"Thank you Pet 24 and Agria for getting Archie back to his family."

Penny Marshall, Dunstable

"We 100% recommend Pet 24 to any pet owner, so quick and efficient."

Simon Ward, Falkirk

"Evie is a bit of a wanderer, thank
goodness for Pet 24."

Bridget McCormack, London

"You cannot imagine the relief when we were told Flo had been found safe and well."

Rachel Clifford, St Neotts

"Thanks to Pet 24 and her rescuer it was a very happy outcome."

Ali Davis, Kenninghall

"My personal security is not compromised with this tag. I am so happy with your service."

Scarlett Waeland-Cox, Sandy


Frequently Asked Questions

How does Pet 24 work?

A person who finds your straying pet will be able to call the Pet 24 emergency number on the front of the tag, 24 hours a day. We will respond immediately and help the finder. If we make immediate contact with you we will arrange for the safe return of your pet. If we can’t, we will ensure that your pet is cared for until we are able to reach you. The finder may also be able to contact you directly if your tag has been engraved by us with your phone number.

If your pet is injured, we will arrange for immediate emergency veterinary treatment and pick up the bill, up to £1000. We have a network of over 5,000 vets and animal rescue centres throughout the UK with whom we work to ensure that your pet is cared for.

Does Pet 24 comply with the law?

Yes, it does. The Control of Dogs Order 1992 states that any dog must wear a collar with the name and address of the owner engraved on the tag.

If you order a Pet 24 tag for your dog, you can ask us to engrave your contact details on it so that the Pet 24 tag is 100% legal and is the only tag your dog will need to wear.

Although not a legal requirement for cats, we can engrave your contact details on your Pet 24 cat tag as well as displaying our own 24 hour emergency number so that you have double protection.

How much is the Pet 24 service?

The cost of the Pet 24 service for a new pet is £25 for the first year including the unique engraved tag that we make for you. The cost to renew the service is £20 for 1 year or £50 for 5 years. The cost of an extra tag is £6 including engraving, post and packaging.

My pet has a microchip, do I need Pet 24?

Did you know that 9 out of 10 straying pets are found by a member of the public? The finder will not have a scanner and may not know where to find one. The dog warden or local vet may have a scanner, but the finder will need to locate them and be able to take your pet there. Of course, they may also be closed.

Your pet is very likely to be scanned eventually, but this process may take a lot of time and cause unnecessary stress to you and your pet. The good news is that it will always be easier and quicker for the finder to contact Pet 24, and you and your pet will be reunited far sooner.

How can I update my details?

The easiest and quickest way to update your details is to log in above using your email address and password. Once you have done this you can view your personal details, update any of the information or add new telephone numbers as often as you wish, without any charge. If you do not have access to the internet yourself, you can give permission for a friend or relative to update your details on your behalf.

What should I do if I want to order a new tag?

Your tag may have become lost or damaged, or you may wish to order a second tag for your pet. Just log in above to order a new tag. We can either engrave the same details you had on your tag before, or you can change them as you wish. The charge is just £6.00 including postage. We will engrave it and send it to you straight away via Royal Mail.

How often can I update my details?

You can update your details online as often as you wish without any charge. It’s a very good idea to add temporary contact details if you are on holiday with your pet or if your pet is staying somewhere else while you are away. You can also call Pet 24 on 0333 088 2424 to update your details by speaking to one of our team.

Should I call Pet 24 if my pet goes missing?

There is no need to call Pet 24 if your pet should go missing. You may wish to go online or call us to check that we have the most up to date information on how to contact you. Other than this, just make sure that we can reach you on one of your numbers when your pet has been found.

Can I order a second tag for my pet?

Yes. Many customers like to have a second tag for their dog as they use one on a lead and another on a harness. You can use two Pet 24 tags at the same time, they will both work. Just log in above to order your extra tag.

How is Pet 24 better than an ordinary tag?

  • Pet 24 is a service, not just a tag.
  • We cover the whole of the UK, 24 hours a day.
  • We can store vital medical information on your pet.
  • The information that is stored can be updated by you at any time.
  • The Pet 24 system can store many different contact numbers for you.
  • Pet 24 guarantees to answer the call from the finder of your pet 24 hours a day.
  • Pet 24 will give the finder support and ensure that your pet receives the care it needs.

Does your service cover the whole of the UK?

Yes, Pet 24 will help reunite you and your pet anywhere in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. We have a network of over 5,000 vets and animal rescue centres throughout the UK with whom we work to ensure that your pet is cared for.

I Already Have a Microchip

That’s great! But did you know that 9 out of 10 straying pets are found by a member of the public? We know that the finder is unlikely to have a scanner and may not know where to find one. The dog warden or local vets may have one, but they may be hard to locate, or they may be closed. The pet is very likely to be scanned eventually, but this process may take a lot of time and cause unnecessary stress to the owner and the pet.

Most straying pets are found a very short distance away from their homes and owners. There is often no need for the pet to go anywhere else but straight home!

Pet 24 allows almost every member of the public who finds a straying pet to act immediately to help return the pet to its owner. There is a considerable animal welfare benefit to this as pets are normally saved the distress of prolonged separation from their owners, and, in the case of dogs, from being impounded by the local authority. The good news is that the finder will almost always find it easier to contact Pet 24.

Pet 24 recommends that all cats and dogs are microchipped. This method of identification is most effective where there may be a dispute over ownership of a pet, and it is also a legal requirement for dogs.

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Terms & Conditions for the Pet 24 Service

1. Registration
The Pet 24 service consists of two parts, Registration and the Lost and Found Service. Firstly, the customer must ensure that their details and the details of their pet are registered with Pet 24. Once this Registration has been properly completed, the customer may place the Pet 24 tag on their pet’s collar. The charges made by Pet 24 are for Registration only.

2. Lost and Found Service
Once the customer has registered their pet on the Pet 24 system for a fixed period, there is no charge made for the lost and found service or any other service that may be provided during this period. The customer may extend this period on or before its expiry by paying a registration renewal charge to Pet 24. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that this payment is made to Pet 24 in order to ensure continuity of service. Pet 24 will not be responsible for the failure of the registration to be renewed due to the correct payment not being made.

3. Refunds
To obtain a refund of your initial registration charge for the Pet 24 service, you must return your pet tag to the retailer within 28 days of purchase. For tags returned within 28 days of purchase, you are entitled to a 100% refund. For tags returned after 28 days of purchase, you will not be entitled to a refund. To obtain a refund of your registration renewal charge for the Pet 24 service, you must return your pet tag to the retailer within 14 days of purchase. For tags returned within 14 days of purchase, you are entitled to a 100% refund. For tags returned after 14 days of purchase, you will not be entitled to a refund.

4. Replacement Tags
You may request a replacement from Pet 24 if you lose your original tag, or it becomes unusable for any reason. Pet 24 will supply a replacement tag and make a charge for the tag, administration, and post & packaging.

5. Updating your information
You may update details of you or your pet in two different ways. Online; you can visit our website at any time and update your details free of charge. A friend or relative can do this for you if you give them permission to do so. By telephone; you can call us to update your details.

6. Continuity of Service
We will make every effort to provide a continuous service. However, Pet 24 will not accept any liability in the event that there is an interruption to or failure of the service in any way as a result of failures or delays involving the internet, the postal services, telephone lines, computers or other equipment.

7. Liability for Lost and Found Service
The lost and found service is provided free of charge whilst the customer remains on the Pet 24 register. Pet 24 will use its best endeavours to provide this service when a person finding a registered pet contacts us using the number on the tag. We will then use our best endeavours to contact the customer using the contact details that have been provided by the customer and we aim to help the customer to be re-united with their pet as quickly as possible. However, Pet 24 accepts no liability in the event that a customer is not informed for whatever reason that their pet has been found.

8. Your Privacy
Pet 24 is dedicated to protecting your privacy and insuring your personal information is kept confidential and secure. In the course of providing our service, it is necessary to collect, record, store, process, transmit and otherwise handle your personal information. We take privacy responsibilities seriously and seek to use secure and appropriate methods for the handling of your personal information in accordance to the General Data Protection Regulation. By registering as a user with Pet 24 you authorise and agree to the collection, storage and use of your personal information as required for the provision of our services.

While the personal information we collect may come directly from you, by registering with our service, you authorise Pet 24 to collect your information through our affiliates or other third parties. Your decision to withhold information may limit or affect the quality of service that we can provide to you.

We will not sell or otherwise provide client lists or personal information to others for direct marketing purposes. We would only pass on your details to an authority if required to do so by law. In providing us with your personal information, you give us permission to disclose it to veterinarians, animal shelters and other emergency services personnel who may be directly involved in the care of your pet.

9. Fair Use
Pet 24 recognises that pets may go missing at any time, and occasionally pets may go missing more than once. We are happy to provide our services in these situations to try return your pet to you. However, if your pet has been reported missing to us 6 times or more in any 12 month (or shorter) period, we reserve the right to terminate your Pet 24 service immediately and without payment of any refund.

Terms & Conditions for the Vet 24 Service

1. Definitions
a) Pet: a pet with a current and valid registration with Pet 24 for the Vet 24 service, and wearing the correct Pet 24 tag on its collar when found Straying and brought to the Vet.

b) Owner: the person registered on the Pet 24 system as the owner of the Pet, or any carer charged with having responsibility for the Pet by the person registered as the owner, or any person otherwise caring or having responsibility for the Pet.

c) Vet: a veterinary surgeon registered with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

d) Member of the Public: a person not related or previously known to the Owner of the Pet.

e) Emergency Treatment: the single initial treatment performed by the Vet to stabilise or cure the Injury to the Pet.

f) Injury: an injury suffered by the Pet immediately prior to the Pet being found Straying.

g) Straying: found at least 250 metres from the registered address or any temporary address of the Owner.

2. The Service
Pet 24 will pay the Vet for Emergency Treatment for the Injury to the Straying Pet up to a total limit of £1000. The Pet must have been found Straying and brought to the Vet by the Member of the Public.

3. Exclusions
No payment will be made for the following:

Treatment of any illness or condition that existed before the Pet was found straying;

Any further treatment, therapy or medication of any kind administered after the Pet has received the Emergency Treatment;

Settlement of any bills or charges that were not made known to Pet 24 within 14 days of the Emergency Treatment taking place;

The cost of euthanasia, burial, cremation or other similar or related expenses;

Emergency Treatment to a Pet that has been brought to the Vet by the Owner.

4. Limitation of Liability
Whilst Pet 24 will use reasonable endeavours to ensure that Emergency Treatment take places according to these terms and conditions, Pet 24 will not be liable for any claim of any sort in the event that Emergency Treatment is not provided for any reason.