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Our Mission

Reuniting Lost Pets 24 Hours a Day

Pet 24 is a service, not just a tag. Should your pet go missing, we guarantee to answer the call from the finder, night or day. We will ensure that your pet receives the best care when it needs it most.

Your emergency contact details can be updated free of charge at any time. The Pet 24 system can store many different contact numbers for you so that we can reach you quickly.

We even arrange emergency vet treatment and pay for it ourselves. We have brought peace of mind to hundreds of thousands of happy customers, and we are ready now to help you protect your beloved pet.

1 year membership: £29.95 first year, then £24.95 per annum.
5 year membership: £59.95 (a saving of 50%)

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We Create Happy Endings, Like This One About Buster

“We’re delighted that our partnership with Pet 24 makes it easy for our customers to be reunited with their pet should they be in the terrifying position of having lost them. A combination of visual identification via the Pet 24 tag, and the pet’s microchip number, enables anyone finding a lost pet to use the Pet 24 emergency team to make quick contact with the owner, 24/7."
Vicki Wentworth, Managing Director, Agria Pet Insurance

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From Our Happy Customers...


“By the time we took your call Eddie was treated by the vet and you'd paid the bill! Pet 24 helped to save his life”
Alessia Mattuozo, Birmingham


“We'd gone away when Balou went missing. We were able to give Pet 24 a new number to reach us on when someone found him”
Barry Green, West Sussex


“Thankfully I was rung by Pet 24 when a publican had rescued Harvey after he had been spotted in trouble on a main road”
Judy Benson, Bedfordshire

Our Community

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Join our Pet 24 community who protect their cats and dogs with the UK’s leading pet reunification service.

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Our System

How it Works

Protecting your beloved dog or cat with Pet 24 couldn’t be simpler. If they ever become lost, injured or in need of help we will be here 24 hours a day.
Register for pet24

1. Register

Register your contact details including phone numbers for home, mobile, work and also your pet’s medical details.

2. Engrave tag online

Choose contact details of your own to be engraved on your special tag beneath your unique Pet 24 ID number.

3. Attach tag to collar

Place the Pet 24 tag with its 24/7 emergency telephone number on your pet’s collar as soon as it arrives in the post.

4. Your pet goes missing

This is the time to check that all your contact details (temporary ones too!) are up to date.

5. Pet 24 Responding 24/7

We are here to help 24 hours a day as soon as your pet has been found.
ongoing pet care

6. Ongoing care

If we cannot contact you immediately, we help the finder care for your pet.

7. Vet 24

If emergency veterinary treatment is needed, we will organise and pay for it without delay.
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8. We keep trying

We ring you on all available numbers until you are reunited with your pet.

9. Yet another happy customer

We love our job!
Vet 24 is included in your membership

Our Unique Vet 24 Service Pays up to £1000 in Emergency Vet Fees

There have been many instances when vets have been unable to confirm that insurance cover is in place when a pet has been brought to a surgery in an emergency. This has resulted in unnecessary delays in providing essential veterinary treatment.

If, as often happens, pets stray and are found injured, Pet 24 will pay up to £1000 directly to the vet for emergency treatment so that there is absolutely no delay in providing vital care.

You will never need to repay Pet 24 when we have paid the vet’s bills.

This fantastic service has been developed in consultation with vets, animal welfare charities and insurance companies. It will give you real peace of mind, and it could save your pet’s life!

Vet 24 is included when you order or renew your Pet 24 membership.

“What would we have done without Pet 24? You did so much to help Ruby. Such a great service, and such a small cost.”
Richard Moore, Hereford
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