I already have a microchip

That’s great! But did you know that 9 out of 10 straying pets are found by a member of the public? We know that the finder is unlikely to have a scanner and may not know where to find one. The dog warden or local vets may have one, but they may be hard to locate, or they may be closed. The pet is very likely to be scanned eventually, but this process may take a lot of time and cause unnecessary stress to the owner and the pet.

Most straying pets are found a very short distance away from their homes and owners. There is often no need for the pet to go anywhere else but straight home!

Pet 24 allows almost every member of the public who finds a straying pet to act immediately to help return the pet to its owner. There is a considerable animal welfare benefit to this as pets are normally saved the distress of prolonged separation from their owners, and, in the case of dogs, from being impounded by the local authority. The good news is that the finder will almost always find it easier to contact Pet 24.

Pet 24 recommends that all cats and dogs are microchipped. This method of identification is most effective where there may be a dispute over ownership of a pet, and it is also a legal requirement for dogs.