Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions For The Pet 24 Service

1. Registration
The Pet 24 service consists of two parts, Registration and the Lost and Found Service. Firstly, the customer must ensure that their details and the details of their pet are registered with Pet 24. Once this Registration has been properly completed, the customer may place the Pet 24 tag on their pet’s collar. The charges made by Pet 24 are for Registration only.

2. Lost and Found Service
Once the customer has registered their pet on the Pet 24 system for a fixed period, there is no charge made for the lost and found service or any other service that may be provided during this period. The customer may extend this period on or before its expiry by paying a registration renewal charge to Pet 24. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that this payment is made to Pet 24 in order to ensure continuity of service. Pet 24 will not be responsible for the failure of the registration to be renewed due to the correct payment not being made.

3. Refunds
To obtain a refund of your initial registration charge for the Pet 24 service, you must return your pet tag to the retailer within 28 days of purchase. For tags returned within 28 days of purchase, you are entitled to a 100% refund. For tags returned after 28 days of purchase, you will not be entitled to a refund. To obtain a refund of your registration renewal charge for the Pet 24 service, you must return your pet tag to the retailer within 14 days of purchase. For tags returned within 14 days of purchase, you are entitled to a 100% refund. For tags returned after 14 days of purchase, you will not be entitled to a refund.

4. Replacement Tags
You may request a replacement from Pet 24 if you lose your original tag, or it becomes unusable for any reason. Pet 24 will supply a replacement tag and make a charge for the tag, administration, and post & packaging.

5. Updating Your Information
You may update details of you or your pet in two different ways. Online; you can visit our website at any time and update your details free of charge. A friend or relative can do this for you if you give them permission to do so. By telephone; you can call us to update your details.

6. Continuity of Service
We will make every effort to provide a continuous service. However, Pet 24 will not accept any liability in the event that there is an interruption to or failure of the service in any way as a result of failures or delays involving the internet, the postal services, telephone lines, computers or other equipment.

7. Liability For Lost And Found Service
The lost and found service is provided free of charge whilst the customer remains on the Pet 24 register. Pet 24 will use its best endeavours to provide this service when a person finding a registered pet contacts us using the number on the tag. We will then use our best endeavours to contact the customer using the contact details that have been provided by the customer and we aim to help the customer to be re-united with their pet as quickly as possible. However, Pet 24 accepts no liability in the event that a customer is not informed for whatever reason that their pet has been found.

8. Fair Use
Pet 24 recognises that pets may go missing at any time, and occasionally pets may go missing more than once. We are happy to provide our services in these situations to try return your pet to you. However, if your pet has been reported missing to us 6 times or more in any 12 month (or shorter) period, we reserve the right to terminate your Pet 24 service immediately and without payment of any refund.


Terms & Conditions For The Vet 24 Service

1. Definitions
a) Pet: a pet with a current and valid registration with Pet 24 for the Vet 24 service, and wearing the correct Pet 24 tag on its collar when found Straying and brought to the Vet.

b) Owner: the person registered on the Pet 24 system as the owner of the Pet, or any carer charged with having responsibility for the Pet by the person registered as the owner, or any person otherwise caring or having responsibility for the Pet.

c) Vet: a veterinary surgeon registered with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

d) Member of the Public: a person not related or previously known to the Owner of the Pet.

e) Emergency Treatment: the single initial treatment performed by the Vet to stabilise or cure the Injury to the Pet.

f) Injury: an injury suffered by the Pet immediately prior to the Pet being found Straying.

g) Straying: found at least 250 metres from the registered address or any temporary address of the Owner.

2. The Service
Pet 24 will pay the Vet for Emergency Treatment for the Injury to the Straying Pet up to a total limit of £1000. The Pet must have been found Straying and brought to the Vet by the Member of the Public.

3. Exclusions
No payment will be made for the following:

Treatment of any illness or condition that existed before the Pet was found straying;

Any further treatment, therapy or medication of any kind administered after the Pet has received the Emergency Treatment;

Settlement of any bills or charges that were not made known to Pet 24 within 14 days of the Emergency Treatment taking place;

The cost of euthanasia, burial, cremation or other similar or related expenses;

Emergency Treatment to a Pet that has been brought to the Vet by the Owner.

4. Limitation of Liability
Whilst Pet 24 will use reasonable endeavours to ensure that Emergency Treatment take places according to these terms and conditions, Pet 24 will not be liable for any claim of any sort in the event that Emergency Treatment is not provided for any reason.


Terms & Conditions For The Pet 24 Affiliate Scheme

1. Scheme Rules
a) A person with a Pet 24 online account may become a Pet 24 Affiliate by registering their bank details with Pet 24 and obtaining a Magic Link.

b) The Magic Link is is a hyperlink which may be given to another pet owner to enable them to take out their own new Pet 24 membership while receiving a discount from the normal price.

c) When this has happened, the Pet 24 Affiliate may become eligible to receive a commission for providing the introduction to the new customer.

d) The Pet 24 Affiliate Scheme may not be used to renew the membership of, or create a new membership for, an existing pet that is already registered with Pet 24.

e) It may not be used to purchase a Pet 24 membership for the Affiliate themselves, or any pet associated with the Affiliate.

f) No commission will be payable in these instances, and the membership of the pet may be terminated.

g) Pet 24 reserves the right to terminate the Pet 24 account of any customer who misuses the Affiliate scheme in such ways.