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  • We pay up to £1,000 for emergency vet fees.
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Your Customer Joins Pet 24

Customer creates their Pet 24 account, receives their special tag and their pet is protected.

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You receive a 50% commission each time a customer registers a pet, there is no limit to what you can earn.

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Additional Revenue for You

Build your business – become an affiliate

  • Easy to register, easy to invite your customers
  • No risk – no investment required from you
  • 50% commission payable on all sales

Peace of Mind For You And Your Customers

Offer your customers a benefit they will thank you for

  • Additional security while their pet is in your care
  • Showing that you care for your customer’s pet
  • Save your customer 20% on Pet 24 membership

Add a Unique Offering

Set yourself apart from your competitors

  • You gain a unique selling point with our Vet 24 service
  • Vet bills are paid in an emergency if their pet strays
  • Service not available anywhere else in the UK
“When Groucho was found, you cared for him for 3 hours until I was free to call you back. Thank you Pet 24.”
Cliff Martin, Essex
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A little video showing how Pet 24 works!

How Pet 24 Works

Protecting your customer’s beloved dog or cat with the Pet 24 service couldn’t be simpler. If they ever become lost, injured or in need of assistance we are here 24 hours a day to help.
Register for pet24

1. Register

Send your customer a one-click magic link so that they can register for Pet 24.

2. Engrave tag online

They enter their contact details to be engraved on their Pet 24 tag while you collect your commission.

3. Attach tag to collar

They attach the tag with its 24/7 emergency telephone number on their pet’s collar as soon as it arrives in the post.

4. Their pet goes missing

This is the time for them to check that all their contact details (temporary ones too!) are up to date.

5. Pet 24 Responding 24/7

We are here to help 24 hours a day when their pet has been found.
ongoing pet care

6. Ongoing Care

If we cannot contact them immediately, we help the finder care for their pet.

7. Vet 24

If emergency veterinary treatment is needed, we will organise and pay for it without delay.
doggy love

8. We keep trying

We ring your customer on all available numbers until they are reunited with their pet.

9. Yet another happy customer

Your customer has peace of mind, their pet is protected and you have earned your commission!
Vet 24 is
in our

Our Unique Vet 24 Service Pays up to £1000 in Emergency Vet Fees

There have been many instances when vets have been unable to confirm that insurance cover is in place when a pet has been brought to a surgery in an emergency. This has resulted in unnecessary delays in providing essential veterinary treatment.

If, as often happens, pets stray and are found injured, Pet 24 will pay up to £1000 directly to the vet for emergency treatment so that there is absolutely no delay in providing vital care.

Your customers will not need to claim on their own pet insurance, saving them from paying a policy excess and possible increased premiums.

This fantastic service has been developed in consultation with vets, animal welfare charities and insurance companies. It will give your customers real peace of mind, and it could save their pet’s life.

Vet 24 is included when we provide your customers with a Pet 24 membership.

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